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Show who's sitting in your car

increase the safety of your loved ones!

Make your things classy...

stick out!

Display your Fab family

Show your family spirit!

First figure for 3 €, each additional 2,5 €

Original and fun sticker decals for your car, computer, mailbox, door, scooter and gadgets.

It's very easy! Combine heads, bodies, pets and symbols to design your own unique:

  •  family sticker decal that show your fab family and each members personality
  •  image sticker decal that show your interests, personality/mojo and what you love
3.5in / 4.7in
Choose between:    {{'_commonBlack_' | i18n}}   {{'_commonWhite_' | i18n}}
Design and quality is very important to us. We deliver die cut, top-of-the-line designed stickers that are durable and weather resistant.

How it works – design your own sticker decal

Make your things personal, unique and stylish! They are fun to design and easy to apply!


Choose type and no of figures

Click at "Add figure" to select your first figure. Repeat until you have added all your figures. One decal can contain max 8 figures.


Customize your sticker figures

Click at the head and choose the hair cut and style you want, then do the same with the body. There are thousands of combinations. Make your unique decal!


Create your own sticker picture (free!)

When you have designed all your figures, you can click "Preview" to see the result. You can save the pic and use in emails etc.


Order a high quality vinyl decal

You can easily order a sticker decal to put on your car, computer, tablet, mobile, door, mailbox etc. The sticker decal is made of a 7 year durable vinyl.

Build your own OP sticker decal here!

It doesn’t cost anything to try! You can use your sticker pic in social media or as signature in your e-mails.

Please don´t hesitate to tell us if you want a special personality, style, hair cut, pet or symbol.

The first figure costs $3, each additional $2.5 USD

Examples of family sticker decals

 Create your own

Originalpeople offers a unique mix of custom stickers, including stick figures, pets, and symbols that you can use to design your favorite personalized sticker decal. What a fun way to show the world your unique family members! Choose from our varied collection of stick figure family kits, selecting among adults, teens, kids, babies, and pets. We know every member of the family is special, which is why you get to pick and choose the individual bodies and heads to represent each unique person.

Design car decals which show your family’s personality and different interests. Surprise your friends and relatives with a truly unique gift of custom family car stickers. Just order through our easy online gift card feature. Our car and window decals are easy to apply on flat surfaces, and come in a huge selection of different themes and sizes. They are durable and weather resistant. We are committed to quality, die-cut designs, and are dedicated to delivering the very best sticker decals, customized to fit your family’s tastes. Brighten up your world just by adding these clever, fun, personal images to all the things you use every day.