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10 Ways to Support Your Favorite Cause

Show Support For A Cause

In today’s media-saturated world, many worthy messages get drowned out by the din of competing voices in traditional media and online. Supporters of worthy causes may wonder how they can make their voices heard when so many other messages are competing for attention.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to show support for a cause or deliver a worthy message to the public. Not all of these involve social media campaigns or email blitzes; in fact, some of the most effective means of communicating with the public are low-tech and low-key, such as custom window stickers for cars.

America is a volunteer society, and it has been since its founding. More than a quarter of adults in the U.S. volunteered through an organization in 2013. In raw numbers, more than 62 million people volunteered a collective 7.7 billion hours that year. Experts peg the value of that time at about $173 billion.

In addition to those volunteers, more than 138 million people in the U.S. – about 63 percent of the population – engaged in informal volunteer activities. These activities include things like helping a neighbor with his or her groceries, or house sitting for a friend or loved one. As you can see, Americans are a generous people with a real desire to make a difference in their communities. Figuring out how can be a challenge, as many people today have extremely busy schedules.

Supporting the Causes You Love

It’s not difficult to show support for the causes you love. Everyone has different abilities, interests, and talents, but we can all contribute. Consider these ways of showing support for issues near and dear to your heart:

  • Get Social – Social media provides a huge outlet for people to support their favorite causes. By simply “liking” and “sharing” posts and articles about causes you admire, you can spread the word to your friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Sharing stories online can also spark thought-provoking online conversations about your favorite causes that may help raise your friends’ consciousness or cause them to reconsider their opinions.

  • Volunteer – A great way to show your support for a cause is to roll up your sleeves and get involved. There are a variety of ways individuals can get involved with their favorite causes, and even folks with busy schedules can find a way to contribute. Going door to door to raise funds is one way to contribute to a cause you believe in, as is manning a phone line during a telethon, or volunteering some physical labor your favorite organization might need. Even if you’re only able to donate a few hours of your time, your efforts combined with those of others can make a huge difference.

Supporting Causes You Love

  • Contribute – Nothing shows support like cold, hard cash. Worthy causes are always seeking financial backing. Even some change or a few loose dollars can help if enough people contribute. When looking for ways to help your community, consider opening your wallet and making a contribution to the cause. Many charitable organizations even have a way you can donate a portion of your paycheck each pay period through deductions or withdrawals from your bank account.

  • Buy a T-shirt – There’s much to be said for wearing your heart on your sleeve, or as a logo stenciled across your chest. By turning yourself into a walking billboard for your favorite causes, you show your friends, and other people whose opinion you influence, your support of these issues and organizations. For strangers, seeing you decked out in your favorite “Save the Whales” or other t-shirt can help raise awareness concerning your pet issues.

  • Write Your Congressman – Yes, it sounds trite, particularly viewed through this era’s jaded lens, but members of Congress do pay attention to the demands of their constituents. While one letter alone won’t do it, a coordinated letter-writing effort can show support for causes that you believe in and, perhaps, impact government policy regarding those issues. Be patient and keep writing to cause real change in your community.

  • Vote with Your Wallet – One of the most effective means of making change is through commerce. When you shop, research the stores you visit and brands you buy to see if they support causes you admire. If you find a store or brand that acts in a socially responsible manner, support them with your business. Conversely, if you discover that a favorite store or brand has a bad environmental record or engages in unethical business dealings, take your dollars elsewhere, and let that company know that you did. Companies are very sensitive to the preferences of their customers, and a little judicious shopping may be an effective means of rewarding socially responsible companies and giving a prod to those who need to do better.

Support Volunteerism

  • Support Volunteerism – If you own a business, one of the best ways you can give back to your community or support worthy causes is by encouraging volunteerism in your workplace. Give your employees time off to volunteer to coach Little League or to help build a Habitat for Humanity house or other worthwhile activity. Also encourage fundraising drives at your office, factory, or facility. By leading by example, you can create a groundswell of support for worthy causes.

Why Custom Car Decals May Work Best

While there are a variety of ways to show support for causes, custom car decals may be the easiest and one of the most effective. Custom car decals have a number of benefits for civic-minded motorists who want to share their views with the world. Consider these benefits when choosing a medium to get your message across:

Why Custom Car Decals May Work Best

  • Inexpensive – Custom car decals don’t cost much—certainly not as much as the cost of buying ads or airtime. For a minimal investment, you can get an effective tool for making your voice heard.

  • Wide-reaching – During your daily commute, chances are that hundreds of motorists will see your vehicle. By simply putting a car decal on the back of your vehicle, you can communicate with a huge audience.

  • Versatile – Thanks to modern printing technology, car decals are incredibly customizable. Designers of custom car decals have nearly a limitless range of artistic options, including logos, graphics, lettering, etc.

  • Memorable – The average person may not remember the content of the last email they received, but chances are that a short pithy car decal message will stick with them. Well-designed car decals can be highly effective at delivering targeted messages.

Car decals can be used to support any number of worthy causes. Some of the most common “issues” that car decals help encourage are public support of police, firefighters, and other first responders, or aiding in raising awareness of breast cancer or other health or community issues. The great thing about these decals is that they’re incredibly easy to obtain.

support favorite cause with decal

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